User Manual and Service Guides

1) General user manual can be downloaded – here.
2) General information on our products, inflation guides, and repair manual can be downloaded – here.

About Our Products

What pressure should I use?

This depends on the product, sports type, skill level and weight of the users. Always use enough pressure not to bottom out and refill before every new training session. Check our user manual or our website for recommended pressure levels.

Is there a chance of damaging an AirTrack by over pressurizing it?

No, the extreme pressure needed to actually damage an AirTrack cannot be reached with the blowers we supply nor the exercises you would do on it.

24 Hours after inflation the AirTrack is not hard enough anymore, do I need to repair this?

AirTracks are not designed to maintain their pressure overnight. Because of differences in temperature, they lose a bit of air. For safety reasons always adjust the pressure before training. When you have doubts, please contact us for a professional opinion.

What is the lifespan or your products?

Obviously this will depend on how, and in what frequency the products are used. A lifespan of more than 7 years is definitely not uncommon.

What guarantees do you give on your products?

We give 2 years guarantee on our products.

What is the difference between these AirTracks and the old tumbling tracks?

The new generation AirTracks from the AirTrack Factory are airtight. You do not need an expensive, big, noisy blower. A small hand-blower is enough to inflate even the biggest AirTracks within 4 minutes. Also, our new generation AirTracks only have 60% of the weight in comparison to the old tumbling tracks.

How much do your mats weigh?

There’s a slight difference between the different thicknesses but, as a rule of thumb, they weigh approx. 3 kg per square meter.

Why AirTrack Factory

Striving to deliver the best service and highest quality is the core of our business. Since our products are being used on a daily basis for many years, quality is crucial. Before a product leaves our factory, it is tested extensively on many different aspects.

Thanks to this elaborate quality control, we can give a 2 year warranty on our products and guarantee a consistent quality.

Together with this quality, service with a personal touch is what we aim at. E-mail response within 24 hours, flexible delivery times, personalized products and custom dimensions are possible when you work with the AirTrack Factory US.